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Almond Oil 1000 ml.

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Almond Oil 1000 ml.

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100% natural product - no preservatives.

Almond oil is extracted by pressing almonds and has been used since ancient times for the health and beauty of skin and hair. Extremely rich in vitamins A and E, proteins, minerals and fatty acids. It quickly absorbs, soothes, softens and smoothes the skin, rejuvenating and protecting it. It has a very good impact on dry, sensitive, aging and sore skin, slowing the appearance of wrinkles. Prevents stretching of the skin during pregnancy or weight loss. Protects the body from the appearance of stretch marks. It does not irritate or cause allergic reactions. It is suitable for body massage. It is fast absorbed and is easy to use. BADEME oil is one of the most powerful natural stimulants to germinate and heal hair.

Directions for use: For massage

Not internally accepted!

Storage: In a dark and cool place at a temperature of 7 - 25 ° C. At negative temperatures it becomes cloudy and thickens, when warming the oil returns to normal. In case of improper storage - rancid.
It is recommended that the oil should be used within three months of opening the bottle.

Packing: 1000 ml.

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