Pine - Pinus siylvestris oil- 100% essential oil

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Pine - Pinus siylvestris oil- 100% essential oil

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Packaging: 10 ml glass bottle.

Ingredients: pinene, camphene, limonene, phelandrene, cineol, terpineol, etc.

Aroma: fresh, pleasant, resinous, soft, with a tinge of musk

Volatility: average

Key Action: tonic, refreshing, disinfecting, stimulates hair growth, restores aging skin, improves circulation and blood flow, strengthens the immune system, protects from respiratory tract infections and gingivitis.

Effects on body: restores aging skin, stimulates hair growth, removes dandruff. Strengthens the immune system, has bactericidal, antiseptic, antiviral effect –great for colds, tonsillitis, cough, eliminates headaches and dizziness. Refreshes and purifies the air.

Impact on the mind and spirit: The scent of pine frees you from pessimism, gives a rush of new vitality and energy, improves concentration of the mind. Attracts prosperity in your life.


Aromatic lamp: Cleanses, tones, refreshes the air – put 5-6 drops of pine

Aroma pendant: tonic, strengthening the immune system, refreshing – 1.2 drops of pine

Inhalation: colds, flu, pneumonia, bronchitis. Add 3-4 drops of pine oil in 1 litre of hot water in a bowl and inhale for 10 minutes

Bathtub: refreshing – 6-8 drops of pine oil at 28 ˚ -35 ˚ C for 10 min

Sauna: antiseptic, antiviral, flu and colds – 10 drops of Pine in every 500 ml. water

Massage:  In case of cold, to enhance circulation, add 25 drops of pine oil to 50ml. base oil / almond, apricot kernel, grape seed, avocado /

Gargle: Add 2 drops of pine oil to 1 glass of water-protects from inflammation of the gums, toothache, oral prophylaxis.

Aroma spray: for deodorizing, disinfecting, cleaning the air – add 15-20 drops of pine oil in 250ml. of water, shake the bottle and spray the room.

Enrichment of shampoo and hair mask: against hair loss and dandruff: add 10.15 drops of pine to 100 ml. shampoo or mask

Contraindicated for people with individual intolerance to pine oil.

Attention! Highly concentrated! Store tightly sealed in place without direct sunlight. Keep away from children!

Note: The information presented on the site has introductory nature. For treatment, consult a doctor or an aromatherapist!

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