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Jojoba oil 50 ml.

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Jojoba oil 50 ml.

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Jojoba oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the jojoba plant. The oil is actually a liquid wax, which consists mainly of liquid wax esters, tocopherols and free sterols.
Jojoba oil has a structure similar to that of human sebum, making it an ideal oil for skin care. The oil absorbs well in the skin without lubricating it, regulates the skin's sebum, does not clog the pores and is not comedogenic, making it an appropriate oil even for mixed and oily skin. The oil has antibacterial action and is also suitable for problematic skin.
Jojoba oil is an extremely good moisturizer, seals moisture in the skin and prevents dehydration. In addition to its strong moisturizing properties, jojoba oil also has strong protective, softening, regenerating and soothing properties that make it a great oil even for the most sensitive and dry skin.
Jojoba oil is also a great tool for hair care. Nourishes and hydrates the hair, regulates the sebum on the scalp, protects against hair loss, regains the shine of hair.

Botanical name: Simmondsia chinensis

Method of extraction: cold pressing

Scent: specific

Color: yellow

Composition: palmitic acid (0.3%), palmitoleic acid (0.3%), stearic acid (0.2%), oleic acid (9.3%), eicosanoic acid (76.7%), behenic acid lignoceric acid (0.1%), nerve acid (1%)

Jojoba oil has strong moisturizing, soothing, nourishing, protective and softening properties. It is suitable for dry, dehydrated, sensitive, mixed, oily and problematic skin, dry, torn, mixed and falling hair.
It can be used alone or added to a finished cosmetic product by improving its properties.

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