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Bergamot - Citrus bergamia - 100% essential oil

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Bergamot - Citrus bergamia - 100% essential oil

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Packaging: 10 ml glass bottle.

Ingredients: bergaptol, linalyl acetate, terpinene, linalol, nerol, citral, limonene, pinene, etc.

Aroma: light, fresh, sweet citrus

Volatility: High

Key Features: Anti-depressing, balancing, refreshing, deodorizing, antiseptic, stimulating digestion, temperature decreasing, reducing secretion of the sebaceous and sweat glands, shrinks pores, antiparasitic, antifungal, stimulates appetite, healing.

Effects on body: The essential oil may help to relieve sore throat, tonsillitis, colds, flu and all respiratory infections, lowers body temperature. Bergomot helps for oily skin, acne, difficult healing wounds, herpes, eczema, fungus, bleaches and shrinks pores, helps prevent cellulite. Removes dandruff and repairs damaged hair. Stimulates digestion, relieves stomach upsets, eliminates the feeling of heaviness after eating, increases appetite, eliminates bad breath, reduces perspiration.

Impact on the mind and spirit: Bergamot oil is soothing and invigorating, making it ideal for anxiety, depression and stress. It removes fatigue, improves efficiency, creativity and concentration. Restores normal sleep


Aromatic lamp: deodorizing, cleansing, antiseptic, calming, 5- 6 drops of bergamot oil

Aroma pendant - increases concentration and creativity – a drop of bergamot oil.

Gargle:  in case of bad breath, fungus in the mouth, thrush, 2-3 times daily with a mixture of half a glass of water and 1 drop of bergamot oil.

Massage: has a tonic effect, 10 ml. base oil / almond, grape seed, macadamia / and 5 drops of bergamot oil.

Bath: use when mental fatigue, nervous tension and stress, 5.6. drops of bergamot oil.

Enrichment of shampoo and hair mask: stimulates the growth of hair when having hair loss, removes dandruff – add 10.15 drops of bergamot oil to 100 ml. shampoo or mask

Enrichment of face creams: for oily skin and acne – 10 drops of bergamot oil to 25ml. cream.

Enrichment of toothpaste: against gum disease, toothache -apply 2 drops on the toothpaste in the evening

Aroma Spray: refreshing, soothing, deodorizing, 15-20 drops of bergamot oil in 250ml. water, shake the bottle and spray the room.

Contraindicated for pregnant women, while breastfeeding, children and people with individual intolerance to bergamot. It is recommended to wait for at least 12 hours before exposure to the sun as it is phototoxic.

Attention! Highly concentrated! Store tightly sealed in a place without direct sunlight. Keep away from children!

Do not use in pure form on the skin before exposure to sunlight!

Note: The information presented on the site has introductory nature. For treatment, consult a doctor or aromatherapist!

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